A Memorable Moment becomes the Catalyst for Change

Kabir says: Student, tell me, what is God?
He is the breath inside the breath.”

Filomena Aversa has been practicing yoga for over thirty years. Her introduction to yoga practice began at the age of 22 when while travelling overseas she had a minor accident that knocked her unconscious for about 15 minutes. Bloodied and damaged physically what she found interesting was that rather than a feeling of panic and fear having taken hold, the shock of the accident brought her to opposite feelings of calm, a stillness deep within, she had never felt before. In retrospect this space is what she has come to call ‘home’ - her inner sanctuary.

Confined to her room, in the stillness of the quieted mind, she instinctively started her own practice and found herself delving into exploring body movement and breath to pass time before her departure back to Australia. Thus began her big love for yoga.

Her earlier disciplines and love of regular swimming, sport and an introduction to the Satyananda yoga school helped provide the natural discipline and spontaneous action needed to collect her fragmented self, accept it and just be.

This allowed Filomena the opportunity to regain her sense of self from a new perspective via perception. An inner awareness began to seed within her and with the inquiry arising, “Where does mind go when it shuts down?” she began her quest into the philosophy of yoga through study, practice and what life had to offer.

“How grateful I am now for having been catapulted into another reality where I was able to recognize and retrieve something that was intrinsically belonging to me, but not aware of until that moment - a sweet surrender of inner peace.  It changed the course of my young adult life into one wanting to seek knowledge and truth in all, as we see it and living as we feel it. Where did I go in that moment of no recollection? All I remember is that I awoke to find myself in a very calm state of presence, ‘no mind’ and surrender.”