Prana Spandana Yoga Workshop

Prana Spandana: Vibration, Motivation, Response. It is the vibratory movement of consciousness in determining reality, the present moment at any given time. Resonating In recognizing this moment in who and what we are through Vasana. Becoming integrated whilst in movement or in stillness.

Vasana: the seed of self-limitation; our physcological predisposition, environmental conditioning and habitual patterns that determine how we express the ‘I’ ego nature ahamkara. Watch out for the broken record syndrome; being stuck on the same groove, a habitual predisposition continually perpetuating itself to the detriment of one moving forward.

Vichara: direct observation of this movement to unleash the limitations of the restless mind ‘chitta’ and bring back the inherent one directional focus in harnessing Prana Shakti and proclaiming our original nature unfettered by judgement, aversions or attachments.

Through pranayama, breath control we are able to draw in the reins of the restless mind, and face our vasanas. Pranayama brings about certain stillness in the restlessness of energy, prana spandana and facilitates the tranquillity required for direct observation into the source of mind, thoughts and feelings. That is the intelligence that can break the association of mind and “me” ahamkara. That is the intelligence as light that guides life along the dharmic path of contentment (Sentosha).

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