Yin Yang Yoga Workshop

The focus of Yin Yang yoga workshops are the understanding and the practice of Yin yoga, the inner expression of being to move into Yang yoga, the outer expression of being.

Yin yoga releases the fascia and connective tissues of the body, ligaments and joints enhancing flow of the meridian channels within the organic system. Traditional poses are held for a long time thus mind is attenuated in its outward distractions to rest with breath as one, Prana.

Yang yoga emphasizes active, dynamic movement and targets the muscle groups, bones and marrow to stimulate inner heat and energy within the physiological system. Specific breathing techniques are also included to encourage active meditation in motion.

As inner wisdom arises we become attuned to our natural inherent knowledge of self and deep release is achieved. The natural laws of Yin and Yang are complimentary to a balanced yoga practice the workshop will cover both aspects of being to harness the universal life force within.