Reflections of lovelivingyoga

Filomena’s many experiences and trades brought her to cherish the one and only expression of interest that she has never tired of. When there is a light enkindling the spirit then feed the soul. From her earlier professions of fashion, food, business and travelling she embarked on a journey of self-discovery through the study and practice of the ancient wisdoms of yoga.

Her main much appreciated teachers and guides over the years include; Jenny Groves, Iyengar yoga and Feldenkrais. Rose Baudin, Yoga and Pranayama. Shandor Remete, Iyengar and Shadow Yoga schools. Dr. Savitri Devi (Integral Yoga Academy of Australasia). Dr. Robert Svaboda, International Ayurveda and Tantra lecturer. Simon Borg-Olivier Yoga Synergy School, Sydney for anatomy and physiology. Dr. Kulkarni from India in Ayurveda studies. Master Hogen Yamahata, Zen Meditation and S.N.Goenka, Vipassana Meditation. Master Mantak Chia Universal Healing Tao Centre in Chiangmai.

Her deepest source of inspiration remains in her private practice of yoga sadhana where for many years found its roots in Mother Nature. She was fortunate to live and practice, surrounded by the silence of the countryside and the isolation that pure nature provides. Filomena was able to witness the silence and draw on the pristine prana of trees, water, land and air and integrate into her life, into living yoga practice. Living family life, running house and home, growing organic vegetables and herbs to feed the many students and guests that came to her guesthouse retreat, either to rest or practice yoga, living in teaching yoga in the magnetic  surrounds of Byron Bay.

One of her most fulfilling roles was to teach six month teacher trainees. To watch them blossom from the rough diamonds that they were into their higher selves of loving human beings brought tears to her eyes and the realization of the natural order of intelligence that exists in all of us regardless of background or creed. Ultimately the student’s awareness, innate intelligence and intuition, highly tuned revealed the ancient yoga secrets to be true.

Filomena’s devotion to yoga sadhana and experience draws on the focus of breath to cultivate the subtle perceptive state of being. To view life from the deep internal wells of reflection. The innate intelligence that blossomed into consciousness integrated the day to day demands of the physical, mental and emotional bodies to move into the day to day demands of life.

In practice, the wisdoms of yoga invaluably taught her to surrender to one’s own inner guide or guru - the ultimate source of self-healing, inspiration and creativity. In essence, the space of heart, soul and spirit became a peaceful haven each time life’s challenges were upon her.  It taught her to trust in herself and trust in the order of life itself. For Filomena, home is non-material, home is where the heart is and she carries it with her to this day no matter where she is travelling to.

“Ask not, what is the purpose of life but what is the nature of life”

By the ancient sage Vasishtha