From Cocoon to Butterfly

Group dynamics is a mixed bag especially when they are presented with the challenge of having to let go of their comfort zones. A challenge will always help build inner resolve and confidence. Detoxing will always bring up our shadow emotions, so rather than hiding in the shadows, we encourage the group to share their experiences. Prana Yoga practice helps them move that emotional energy of attachment out and create a new space within. Openness and commitment is what creates change. Love, understanding and sharing is part of the process and the platform that Natalie and I provide.

I find the yoga classes evolve to suit the group’s needs so every yoga retreat is different although the theme remains the same. Through the healing sounds of the Tao we dived deep into the organic system; the cocooning caterpillar phase of regeneration into the new. Acknowledging, honouring and breathing deeply into each organ, one by one, to remove stagnation and revitalise its energy.

Asana with the focus on the organic body became the challenge to keep the meditation in motion. Circulating a fresh flow of blood and oxygen into the physiological body with every movement. The conscious breathing into the movement helped to free up the energetic channels to be able to practice the ancient pranayama techniques. Pranayama, specific breathing techniques channel, build and purify our inherent life-force. The lightness of being once felt imbibes us with the realization that we are much more than just the self. As we come to honour this precious life-force within as it is without we become free to fly; releasing the beautiful butterflies that we are meant to be. 

And butterflies they became, spreading their beautiful wings to embrace a brand new until next year for the next Detox yoga prana Retreat with Natalie Purcell.

Meanwhile Natalie is joining me on the journey of Lovelivingyoga Retreats. We are making plans for the next step into conscious healthy living and igniting the flame of love to connect us all. I am so thrilled that she will be on board to share her naturopathic counselling on diet and nutrition as we move beyond ‘who we think we are.’

Light and love always

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly ~ Richard Bach