Sliding Doors into Your Own Space

At other times I have entered my house and felt the complete opposite; I am all alone, what I am doing here all by myself, nobody loves me…and although these thoughts engender a depressed disposition, if I  remind myself that only I am responsible for what I am going through, it changes the way I am thinking instantly.

It is our choice which thought we want to dwell upon. But what about the experiences of shock, hurt and turmoil? Watch the emotions that become unleashed, that will draw you into a state of introspection, they are knocking violently on your state of being and how well you cope still relies on the filters of your perception, your decision into the sliding doors of choices.

I have been travelling for the last seven years and had to learn to carry my non material home within me. The feelings of security, comfort and familiarity are thrown out the door for the unknown of whatever presents itself. It helped me build a deeper understanding of the emotions that want to claim you with each change of place, environment, bed and culture. Like dictators they want to determine what kind of day you are about to experience. I was happy to have had the awareness through the wisdom of yoga to know how to firstly express and then transform the emotions. Taking the backside view of thoughts and feelings allows for the change to slide into the gateway of love and understanding in whatever you need to deal with.

There is a very funny Indian saying that keeps popping into my head. “It doesn’t matter what you do, the outcome will be the same.”

And this is one moment where it has re-emerged quite significantly. Why, because we will always need to confront our shadows. Not only are the emotions significant in carving out a path for you, they also determine the next sliding door to your imagination or your projection of the future.  I am not sure that my actions and reactions to life’s circumstances would have still have contained a similar response or pattern even if I had not travelled but stayed put in my own house but it made me realise that because everything is constantly changing anyway, surely I would have experienced all of this even if from a different point of entry.

The change is coming from within and life’s external experiences are only the sliding doors of your minds perspective; they are changing, twisting and turning until you stop and listen. The state of mind or emotion you choose to reflect on will always be your decision into opening another door of awareness. There are many gateways to new places to explore and many choices in life as there are as many perspectives. But what it tells me is that with an open heart there is no place for attachment to anything but only watching without judgement, and the outcome is that love will not only find the way but lead the way. The past is gone, the moment is present now and the future is just a projection. What doorway are you going through next?