Celebrate! It's the End of the Year.


The end of the year is a good place to be. It really is a signal to take time to reflect on the past, draw on the present to plant the seeds of the future. Whether your reflection is contentedness or one filled with regrets is not the point. This is one time of the year where I feel you have no choice but to drop it all. There is no need to get stuck on what is good and what is bad. What matters is your awareness of it. That alone is the first step to move into acceptance of the self and create new perspectives, for new possibilities to happen.

So wherever you are and whatever you are doing take the time to connect and breathe into the core centre of your birth right, the navel, the routes of your tree. Water it with the juice supplied by your body, mind / breath connection. Take one long deep breath, with whole hearted intention, your intention, and let it out from the top of the lungs to the lower and continue until the core of your navel. Squeeze it back towards the spine and feel your organs inside responding. Listen to the whisper of your breath being released as it touches the back of the throat like a gentle breeze. Feel that connection - the exhalation wants to engage the navel, the routes and reminder of who we are. The tree of life within will always respond to the light of your awareness, unencumbered by the past it can branch out and sprout the new leaves for the new year to unfold.


Happy New beginnings for 2014