Hello 2014 and Welcome to lovelivingyoga

Life itself is a gift from God, universe, supreme source or guiding light that informs and enlivens us about our nature of who we are. In our evolution of knowing who we are in communion with all that is part of our journey we make the choices that shape us. At times life is effortless and other times it is not. What is this but just a play that we are the star? Getting to know that divine source within us is what brings us closer to understanding the role of the director.

I am thrilled to have recently launched lovelivingyoga retreats where the journey is about you the star and your connection with yourself. With my close friend and colleague, Natalie Purcell (Byron Bay Detox Retreats) we have come together to share our experiential knowledge of yoga and health and take you on a journey into the deepest nature of ‘who you are’ in connection with the Divine Lila.

At lovelivingyoga we journey together with the aim of healing the body and liberating the mind. We aim to enkindle a knowledge of how to integrate your spirit with the spirit of the environment, which brings us to honour the present moment as the source of true wisdom. We are all teachers and all students at the same time. Our retreats provide the space and support that will truly enliven your awareness, perceptions and spontaneity in communion with life as it unfolds. Lovelivingyoga Retreats provide the opportunity for you to enter into a new perspective of living, enlivening all of the senses to dive deeper into the layers of your existence so that ego takes a back seat to the divine flame in the heart space.

The Chakra Yoga Retreat Nov 2-8 2014 includes the physical cleansing and spiritual purification of the Chakras of the subtle body. We combine the culture of Bali with the wisdoms of yoga to move into deeper knowledge of the self. Included is daily Yoga and meditation combined with naturopathic consultations of your constitution to bring about the natural homeostasis that we deserve. You will feel a holistic integration of body, mind and spirit with your expanded awareness and renewed vitality to continue your journey in life with love.

The Yoga Spandana Retreats from September 13-21 also continues the Lila around the beautiful island of Bali. Learn how to retrieve your energy, nurture your spirit and honour your soul in a hectic world through the wisdom of yoga practice and philosophy. Yoga and Meditation classes at each exquisite, natural destination during this 10 days expedition brings knowledge of how to integrate the outer and the inner worlds through the divine flame of your Lila.

The Byron Bay Reconnect and Yoga Prana retreats in March and April, provide the opportunity for couples and singles to enliven their connection to self and then with others. The beautiful Akasha beach house will provide the perfect foundation for relaxing into the self through the natural environment and refined beauty of the comfort of home.

So join us in this amazing journey with lovinglivingyoga. Transformation, connection and community takes place within one’s personal ideals being realized.  We are here to support you in the practice of living fully through the foundations of yoga, health, love and connection. Welcome to all taking part and sharing what we have to offer towards our own positive change and consequently contribute towards others own evolving awareness of love, life, connection and community.