Where the Silence of Space meets Akasha

Recently I found this mesmerising silence to rest in; in the outback only three hours’ drive west from the Nth Coast of NSW. Where sharp, sunlight shadows outline nature’s precise form, order and beauty. A lost connection with friends renewed and upon meeting, our friendship, a spontaneous reunion, revealed that it never really changed between us. It was comforting to see them living their dream. They had built themselves a beautifully inspired hacienda, on 400 acres of wilderness where big kangaroos and roaming horses fill in the background scenery. Bald Rock Bush Retreat is their dream, realised and radiating a quality that immediately touches the heart and becomes home for the soul.

After years of the busyness of travelling Asia, this journey was the ultimate extreme to the hectic lifestyle that I was living. Take away the frills of worldly folly and you are left with the bare bones of nature, earth, sky and limitless space, what is called Akasha. What does Akasha mean? Fundamental etheric substance of the universe - it is said to contain the matrix of energy that is the whole memory of the beginning of time, what is past and what we are creating through our energy of thoughts for the universe to become.

And there resides the simplicity of mind as it relinquishes its burdens of desires into the space of peace, tranquillity and the order of nature; the sun rising and setting, the clouds drifting in the sky, changing weather patterns and the smell in the air. What was most outstanding however was the silence. My faculty of hearing prickled with the omnipresent silence of space, occasionally pierced by the rustle of trees, birds and animals. But the pure silence of land and sky meeting became like a portal into another dimension.

When you tap into the silence of nature you can feel the expansive space of Akasha..it whispers to you like a lover. I fell into my morning yoga practice as naturally as the sun lifted its morning shades. No words, no comments, no decisions to be made, it just happened. It just was part of the flow of natural order.

I immersed myself in the activities of life on the land with a different awareness that only contained the unobstructed thoughts of the present moment. A full life of connecting and sharing with friends, animals and nature. A harmonious union that cultivated the most important thing we shared in common; love of all that surrounded us, love of all that we are part of, just understood, no words just the silence of land, sky and all in between.