Welcome to my first blog

Let’s explore the moment of serendipity. An accidental encounter of random circumstances connects you to a stranger who happens to know the same person as you... Both of you are from different countries and the friend in common is also living in another country. The presence of the “Now” starts to take form from this junction of the unknown to reveal the known. It extends its environs to encompass past and future moments to meet, connect and enthral the spirit

Well here is what followed after getting lost, getting a fine for illegal U-turn and then finally arriving!

I am not alone on this beach in Bali as there are two girls sitting close by. They are immersed in their scene and me in mine.  The perfect beach backdrop creates a very meditative space of bliss; tranquil blue skies, balmy breeze and azure waters, rippling in the distance.  So it was very peaceful to just be, be nothing and think nothing and just absorb the beautiful surroundings. Swimming laps, drifting with the current was easy but only when I couldn’t swim back to my starting point unless I came closer to shore, nudged me out of my dream state to stay alert.

Then next time I went for a swim the two girls were in the water but far away from me. Once again I was drifting, floating on my back in the warmth of sunshine and the caress of the waves. Suddenly as I noticed that my goggles had slipped off the back of my head simultaneously, the current had pushed us closer together and face to face. One of the girls was wearing goggles and the goggles were staring back at me.

Two thoughts crossed my mind, “I know mine are down there, I must have them back”. And then the other thought,” I won’t find them the current is too strong don’t bother”..hmmm

Instantly I asked if I could borrow the goggles to dive beneath to fetch mine. After a few attempts of trying to dive through the strong current as I was not touching the bottom, and constantly losing sight of them, I managed to summon all of my determination and life force to try again. To my surprise and theirs I found them. I beat the odds Wow!!!

The jubilations we shared together were spontaneous bursts of shrieking, giggles and camaraderie. This simple incident removed the barriers of separation between us and in that present moment I became conscious of our significant connection; significant because of the flow of life that was unfolding. From that moment of facing the challenge of accepting I may get lost; my decision of one thought over the other; a signal from the fact that the girl’s goggles were facing me, created a link that made us no longer strangers. The connection of ‘meant to be’, ‘right place at the right time’, was validated also with the mutual friend we had in common whom I had just recently contacted.  The synchronicity in our timing and familiarities in our conversations continued and upon reflection it dawned on me that this was a moment in time where a new pathway was being traced in the future of the unknown.

By throwing myself into the unknown the thread of life reveals its connection... It had to take trust in myself to face a challenge, to remind me of the magic of life and renewed trust in the flow of life; the realization that even in the wilderness of time and space you are never alone. “Now” is the space we create for the future and the past is only that, a thread that binds us yet leads us to move on.

lovelivingyoga Cultural Travel & Yoga retreats are designed to nurture the spirit within you. It includes visiting luxurious and sacred locations around Bali to enliven the body and enthral the spirit. There is a chemistry in our body that needs to be awakened, an inner intelligence that flows from the universal laws of nature. There is a sun and a moon, the yin and yang, the negative and positive polarities encompassing the cause and effect. We just have to follow the thread, the line of communication within ourselves to come to know it, nurture it and fall in love with it.

I leave you with some food for thought, enquiry and my favourite saying by Vasishtha reminding us of the ever present bliss of Now.

“Ask not, what is the purpose of life, but what is the nature of life”