Integral Yoga and Health Retreats


Our Yoga and Health Retreats invites you to share authentic experiences on the magical island of Bali where temples, mountains, beaches and adventure await you. Unwind in luxurious accommodation without a care and let us create the magic around you. With many decades of intimate knowledge of the island, lovelivingyoga retreats are designed to showcase the best of the islands traditions, beauty and comfort.


 Seven Chakra Balancing Retreat

A 7 night Prana Yoga and Chakra balancing retreat with a spiritual cleansing ceremony at the temple of Seven Chakras. Read more

Travelling Yoga Prana Spandana

Nataraj by Joelle Andreoli DietrichExplore 9 nights of Travel and Yoga expeditions through the magical nature and ancient traditions of Bali. Learn how to retrieve your energy... Read more


“The Self is one. Unmoving, it moves swifter than thought. The senses do not overtake it, for always it goes before. Remaining still, it outstrips all that run. Without self, there is no life. “



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