Integral Yoga

Integral yoga combines various systems and branches of yoga and in practice allows the student to work within ones capacity and personal needs. Good health is experienced when our anatomical and physiological systems are harmoniously balanced and in synchronisation.

It is certain that most of us have felt that state of optimum vitality at some time. But knowing how to maintain it is the beauty of practicing yoga technique and the key to taking control of your life. In practice, the wisdoms of yoga invaluably teaches to surrender to one’s own inner guide or guru - the ultimate source of self-healing, inspiration and creativity.

"In essence, the space of heart, soul and spirit became a peaceful haven each time life’s challenges were upon me.  It taught me to trust in myself and trust in the order of life itself. Home for me is non-material, home - the inner sanctuary, is where the heart is and I carry it with me to this day no matter where I am travelling to."