Positive Benefits of Integral Yoga

Benefits of Integral YogaThere are many well known and documented benefits of integral yoga. Yoga helps invigorate the body and calms the mind. Application of specific asana (posture), mudra (body & hand gestures) with breath focus can help to affect the change and balance within the psycho-physical connections of body to bring about the positive benefits of health and longevity.

In Yogic philosophy we have three bodies; the Physical, Subtle (astral) and Causal (spirit), and thus provides the foundation along the path to 'self-realization'.

The main emphasis of Integral yoga is 'attention to the breath', from the therapeutic and somatic levels of body-breath awareness to the systemized techniques of Pranayama (mind-breath fusion), as a means of manipulating the subtle energy systems of the body for self-purification and union of the three- body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Chikitsa is a wholistic, diagnostic yoga therapy to help restore homeostasis within the human body. Yoga Chikitsa originates from early Vedic period of Samkyha philosophy and applys therapeutic means to restore and unite the body to live in harmony with the cycles of nature.

One on One sessions of Yoga Chikitsa provide the client with insight and understanding of their personal needs in renewing energy to heal one - self on a daily basis. Individual yoga asana and pranayama practises are given to help the individual move through energy obstructions in the body, mind and spirit.

Optimum health is derived from balancing the Five Koshas (sheaths of energy) that make up the human body. The Five Energy fields are; Food sheath. Breath-Prana sheath, Mind-Desire sheath, Intuitive sheath and Spiritual bliss sheath.