Restorative Yoga Prana

Benefits of Integral YogaDesigned to bring maximum energy potential to the client, strengthening their physical central core, (physical body) and storehouse of prana, (energetic or subtle body). You will learn classic yoga purification practices involving massaging of the internal organs to revitalize digestive and respiratory systems through pranayama breathing techniques. This in turn activates the life force prana to revitalize and restore homeostasis of one’s body mind. Specific asana, mudra and sound guidance is also used to allow mind breath fusion where one can surrender to their own source of inspiration and creativity

Filomena’s experience and devotion to yoga sadhana draws on the focus of breath to cultivate the subtle pranic body of being experience. Her innate knowledge extends from the therapeutic and somatic levels of body-breath awareness to the systemized techniques of pranayama as a means of purifying and enlivening the subtle energy systems of the three bodies. She applies the techniques of specific asana, mudra and sound guided by mind-breath fusion to surrender to ones own inner guru - the source of inspiration and creativity.